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Marksman Standings

2016 Standings

Dave Famiglietti 0 pts
Mike Reese 0 pts
Clayton Philipp 0 pts
Ralph Willits 0 pts
Larry Cusimano 0 pts
Mike Taylor 0 pts


Mark you calendar, its that time of year again for one of our most fun events, the black powder shoot. We will be at CCSC starting at 6pm for sign ups, warm ups and last minute sighting in. In the case of Ken Johnson it will be time to figure out how his gun shoots and what all the pieces and parts are for. Brian Patterson is the honcho. We will shoot 5 shots free hand at 50 yards, open sights, no scopes (just like the NV hunt requirements). The club will provide all the supplies for .50 cal guns (sorry if yours is another caliber bring your own gear). Don’t worry if you don’t have a gun the past few years winners have all borrowed a gun from one of the guys. We should be done shooting by noon. Cost is $25 with money given to Lewis Class. Club will also provide coffee and breakfast donuts. This is a Marksman of the year event